oliver brown
featuring the following songs:
va-va • fidel castro • old milwaukee • telephoto lens • santa cruz, santa cruz • billy the goat-girl • the alphaman (i & ii) • did something in me die? • birdy, big changes ahead • the fat song • purdy ol' car • milkboy interlude • the void • innuendo and out the other • paper thin • girl at the deli • the astrology song • contemplating kissing you • take off point •

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glass box repertory company

Live at Kuumbwa, a Glass Box Repertory Company Benefit (8/9/98)

A live CD with 74 minutes of music from the benefit show. Find out more about the show by reading the review.

featuring the following songs:
• going to california • troublejam in "c" • bad time •
• joined the circus • subside • funky blue house • mcds •

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